Honda Unveils Autonomous Off-Road Vehicle Prototype

The Autonomous Work Vehicle is based on Honda's all-terrain vehicle (ATV) chassis, and designed for a variety of applications.

Autonomous Trucks Could Radically Transform U.S. Logistics Within a Decade

A new report from a global logistics think tank predicts that autonomous trucks could cause massive disruption and upheaval by 2027.

SAE International Clarifies Levels of Driving Automation in New Chart

SAE International has updated its chart outlining the six levels of automation for the vehicle industry to make it simpler to understand for consumers.

Nearly 80% of commuters see public transit as backbone of mobility

APTA report is based on the results of a qualitative focus group and a quantitative nationwide survey with a strong focus on millennials.

RTC, City of Las Vegas land $5M grant for autonomous vehicle project

GoMed, slated to begin service late next year, will demonstrate the ability to apply automated technology in a complex urban setting.

8 Auto Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Manufacturers are adding increasingly cutting-edge technology options to their vehicles, and the coming year should bring additional options to enhance safety and integrate smartphones.

8 Auto Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Autotrader has announced the Best New Automotive Technology for 2019, a list that skews toward advanced safety systems and smartphone connectivity.

Commentary: The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

When we’re talking about autonomous vehicles, the ethics questions are many, and developing a single ethical standard may be harder than it sounds.

Government Report Calls for 20-Year Fix of Interstate Highways

A congressionally mandated report finds the future of the Interstate Highway System so at risk that it recommends that drastic action should be taken over a period of years-- including hiking federal fuel taxes and allowing tolling and per-mile-charges on more...

Accidents Involving Larger Trucks Continue to Rise

Overall, accident rates are continuing a steady rise, with many leaning toward technology in the hope of reducing rates.

Rhode Island DOT taps May Mobility for autonomous transit pilot

Under the terms of the public-private partnership, RIDOT will contribute $800,000 for the first year of operation.

Q&A: ZF on How Advanced Technologies Can Improve Trucking Efficiency and Safety

Mitja Schulz, senior vice president, Commercial Vehicle Technology for ZF, spoke with HDT about how advanced technologies can improve efficiency and safety for trucking.

Senators Make Final Attempt to Pass Autonomous Vehicle Bill

As the end of the year approaches, U.S. senators are making a final push to pass comprehensive legislation for a regulatory framework that would accelerate the deployment and use of self-driving cars.

Waymo Rolls Out First Phase of Commercial Autonomous Ride-Hailing

Waymo will also continue its early rider program, which has been in operation in the Phoenix area since 2017.

Waymo Rolls Out Self-Driving Taxis

Waymo has set a new standard for driverless-vehicle proponents and ride-hailing providers by launching Waymo One, a revenue-generating autonomous transportation service.

Five Ways the Connected Car Will Benefit Car Rental

From bypassing the rental counter to new ancillary sales opportunities, a completely connected rental fleet will transform the traditional rental model. And it can’t come soon enough.

Predictive Analytics to Revolutionize Last-Mile Delivery

Not only is last-mile delivery the fastest growing vocational fleet segment, it is also demonstrating that it will be an early adopter exploiting the technologies and business practices that will become the new core fleet management tools to be employed in the...

JTA, Florida Poly U. partner to bolster AV tech in public transit

Includes fostering the development of AV technology within downtowns, university campuses and other controlled settings.