Ford Outlines Autonomous Vehicle Safety Plan

Ford Motor Company has released a report for customers and other stakeholders that details the automaker's safety-oriented approach to the development of self-driving vehicles.

Consumer Reports Takes on Truck Safety

When HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge sees a headline like “Reducing the Risks of Big Rigs” in a mainstream publication, she often opens the article with trepidation. Read about Consumer Reports' August story in her All That's Trucking blog.

Spireon Joins Connected Car Group

Six new members, including telematics provider Spireon, have joined Automotive Grade Linux, a collaborative effort to develop an open platform for the connected car. With the addition of these companies and organizations, the project is now 130 members strong.

Q&A: Finn Murphy, Truck Owner-Operator and Author of 'The Long Haul'

Finn Murphy, author of "The Long Haul, a Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road," looks back over three decades of driving and the future of trucking.

Study: Autonomous Vehicle Awareness Rising, Acceptance Declining

A new study from Cox Automotive shows that consumers now have a deeper understanding of the complexities involved when creating a self-driving car, which is causing them to reconsider their comfort level when it comes to handing over control.

Mobility Shift Will Come with Mass Autonomous Vehicle Adoption

Mass adoption of autonomous vehicles should begin ramping up in 2023 and will ultimately drive a shift in vehicle ownership from consumers to larger mobility service providers with large fleets of battery-electric, autonomous vehicles, according to a new study...

Spireon Joins Connected Car Group

Automotive Grade Linux has added Spireon and five other new members to propel the development of its open platform for connected-car technology.

12 Obstacles Autonomous Vehicle Advocates Need to Read

Autonomous vehicles are a hotbed subject in our industry, as they should be. They potentially affect everyone, even non-drivers, and certainly tire dealers.

China: Ford Mobility to Benefit Fleets

Ford and Alibaba have agreed to collaborate on the development of a transportation mobility cloud service, which is designed in part to help large-scale fleet operators enhance vehicle connectivity and mobility for Chinese customers.

NHTSA Seeks Public Input on Crash Testing Program

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will hold a public meeting on Sept. 14 to collect public feedback about its New Car...

National Adds Language, Currency Features to Website

The website is specifically designed to meet the needs of Emerald Club members, with more information about the loyalty club’s services, including essential account management, reservation, and communication options.

Volvo Tech Would Have Avoided Uber Death

The driver testing the autonomous vehicle was streaming a TV program at the time of the accident.

NAVYA, Keolis to operate autonomous shuttle on public roads

The pilot project will begin in the summer 2018 for a period of 12 months, including eight months at the service of citizens.

Cox Automotive Expands Mobility Services

Cox Automotive has established a new mobility services unit that combines existing businesses, such as its Flexdrive subscription service, with its acquisition of Clutch Technologies' subscription software platform to deliver fleet management solutions for...

Study Highlights Limitations of Electronic Safety Systems

A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that while electronic safety systems such as advanced cruise control, collision mitigation, and lanekeeping can help save lives, improper use can lead to fatal accidents.

Q&A with RATP Dev USA President Blaine Rigler

METRO’s Managing Editor Alex Roman recently spoke to Rigler about the evolution of tech in the transit industry, the growth of Mobility-as-a-Service, and more.

Uber Ups the Ante on Uber Freight Trucking Division

Uber Freight has announced a set of long-term strategic moves along with the rehiring of a recently departed Otto co-founder in moves widely seen as a strong commitment to trucking over the long haul.

All Heads Together On Working Smarter

AUG LCT: Summit attendees geeked out into hipster techies for three days as they dissected luxury transportation’s No. 1 challenge.