Volvo Tech Would Have Avoided Uber Death

The driver testing the autonomous vehicle was streaming a TV program at the time of the accident.

NAVYA, Keolis to operate autonomous shuttle on public roads

The pilot project will begin in the summer 2018 for a period of 12 months, including eight months at the service of citizens.

Cox Automotive Expands Mobility Services

Cox Automotive has established a new mobility services unit that combines existing businesses, such as its Flexdrive subscription service, with its acquisition of Clutch Technologies' subscription software platform to deliver fleet management solutions for...

Study Highlights Limitations of Electronic Safety Systems

A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that while electronic safety systems such as advanced cruise control, collision mitigation, and lanekeeping can help save lives, improper use can lead to fatal accidents.

Q&A with RATP Dev USA President Blaine Rigler

METRO’s Managing Editor Alex Roman recently spoke to Rigler about the evolution of tech in the transit industry, the growth of Mobility-as-a-Service, and more.

Uber Ups the Ante on Uber Freight Trucking Division

Uber Freight has announced a set of long-term strategic moves along with the rehiring of a recently departed Otto co-founder in moves widely seen as a strong commitment to trucking over the long haul.

All Heads Together On Working Smarter

AUG LCT: Summit attendees geeked out into hipster techies for three days as they dissected luxury transportation’s No. 1 challenge.

Study: Automated Vehicles Won’t Displace Truck Drivers

Despite concerns that a rise in automated vehicles will displace significant numbers of truck drivers, a new report finds that only a modest number of truck driver jobs, if any, will be affected.

Otto Co-Founder Launches New Autonomous Truck Startup Company

Don Burnett, who had leading roles with both Otto and Uber's autonomous truck division has announced $40 million in funding for his new startup.

Sacramento Allows Driver-less Car Testing

Phantom Auto will begin testing autonomous vehicles in Sacramento, Calif., under a new agreement with the city that allows testing with no occupants...

Autonomous Cars Due For A Slowdown

AUG. LCT: Before vehicles can ditch the drivers, government and manufacturers face plenty of challenges to bring it all about.

UPS Analytics Tool Streamlines Package Delivery

UPS will implement a new predictive analytics tool later this year designed to analyze details about its logistics network in order to meet the demands of e-commerce shopping and competition from FedEx and Amazon, and better manage its fleet.

Avis to Provide Vehicles to Lyft Express Drive Program

The partnership will make it easier for people to drive with Lyft without the cost of car ownership.

Commentary: The Fatal Uber Crash Revisted

Armed with more information, executive contributing editor Rolf Lockwood revisits the fatal crash of an autonomous Uber vehicle in Arizona to determine who or what was really at fault.

Pa. Tightens Autonomous Vehicle Testing Guidelines

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has released updated voluntary guidelines asking autonomous vehicle (AV) makers testing in the state to put a second safety engineer in the passenger seat.

Uber Freight Offers More Control of Reefer Specifics

Uber Freight, the company’s online service connecting owner-operators and fleets with available loads, has added new features to make it easier to control trailer preparation for refrigerated loads.

Capital Metro, Valley Metro, HART recognized for sustainability

Public transit agencies and businesses voluntarily choose to join the APTA Sustainability Commitment program and pledge to implement processes and actions that create continuous improvements in sustainability.

Waymo Pilots Autonomous First-, Last-Mile Transit Connections

The partnership will expand to include Valley Metro RideChoice travelers, which supports communities typically underserved with public transit options.