Global News Roundup: Joint Venture to Support EU Charging Infrastructure

ICYMI: A roundup of global trucking news from Volvo Trucks, Tevva, Daimler India, Inceptio, Fedex Logistics and more.

Embark Completes Public Demonstration of Emergency Vehicle Interaction Capability

Embark developed the capability for Embark-powered trucks to identify and stop for law enforcement vehicles in situations such as traffic stops.

First Transit, First Vehicle Services Reach Most ASE Blue Seal Shops in U.S.

To participate in ASE’s Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program, 75% of the service technicians at a location must be certified by ASE.

Beam Global and Volvo CE Offer Off-Grid EV Charging

Volvo CE's dealer locations can bundle Beam EV ARC off-grid charging systems with a purchase of Volvo electric equipment, enabling construction sites to rapidly deploy EV charging.

California DMV Accuses Tesla of Exaggerating Hands-free Driving Software Capabilities

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has asked for an administrative hearing that could result in penalties.

Representatives Revive Bipartisan Effort for Self-driving Vehicle Legislation

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives have launched a bipartisan effort to spur legislative efforts that support self-driving vehicles.

Uber Outlines Autonomous-Truck Hub-to-Hub Freight Model

A hub-to-hub model represents a practical starting point for the accelerated deployment of autonomous trucks, according to Uber Freight.

Law Enforcement Pulls Over Embark Autonomous Truck in Demo

What happens if law enforcement needs to pull over a self-driving truck? Embark recently worked with law enforcement to demonstrate how it can work.

They're Finally Here – Driverless Rental Cars in Vegas

Las Vegas-based Halo.Car has launched a transportation service that allows customers to rent electric vehicles piloted by a remote driver.

PG&E Doubles Knightscope Order

This brings the current ASR total to 10 machines under contract with this one client.

FMCSA Looks into TuSimple Accident

Was an incident where a TuSimple truck made contact with a concrete medium divider simply a human error, or something that speaks to a potential larger issue with autonomous technology?

Navistar Report Focused on Sustainable Future

Highlights from the sustainability report include the launch of two zero-emissions products, the creation of a mobile educational experience tailored to ZEVs, and more.

Schneider Pilots Autonomous Freight Hauling in Texas

The Aurora Driver autonomous technology will begin weekly hauls between Dallas and Houston with Aurora vehicle operators on board.

Michigan Governor Signs Legislation to Promote Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Under the new law, the Michigan Department of Transportation will have the authority to designate a segment of roadway for automated vehicles.

Faction & Point One Navigation Partner on Driverless Delivery

Faction is partnering with Point One Navigation to bring right-sized driverless delivery and transportation solutions to the mass market.

Australian Capital Territory to End Petrol Vehicles Sales by 2035

The Australian federal government is facing pressure to increase the uptake of electric vehicles while others are debating the realistic success of implementing similar strategies across the rest of the country.

Ford Pilots Mobility Solutions for Disabled Drivers

For commercial vehicle customers, Ford Pro Charging offers bespoke charging solutions incorporating charging equipment, ongoing maintenance and management software that help reduce time-consuming paperwork and charge schedule planning.

Top Work Truck Upfitting Trends in 2022

Rising fuel prices have reignited the desire to downsize, and tech is coming to the rescue to reduce costs and improving overall vehicle fleet insights.