Top Truck Dealers Talk Trucking Tech, Specs and More

Truck Dealer of the Year nominees share their thoughts on uptime, disruptive technologies, truck specs, and more.

Toyota Updates Light Commercial Van for Global Market

Toyota introduced an updated version of its HiAce light commercial van several global markets, and includes updated safety features and new engines, and is designed for transporting cargo and passenger transportation.

The Netherlands tops list of countries most ready for AV technology

The country, ranked number one for a second year, is working with neighbors to adopt autonomous vehicle technology for freight.

Report finds 'Transit Leaps' needed to properly integrate with AVs

Ideal scenario for public transit planners would be an optimized, dense, and always available transit network that is also affordable.

Columbia, S.C. expands bike-share program

Funds will be allocated to Blue Bike as a pilot to provide a “first mile, last mile” connection for The COMET riders in downtown.

Commentary: Does Truck Platooning Have a Future?

Daimler announced that it would no longer invest in platooning but other manufacturers are still betting on the technology's benefits, so who's right?

Waymo Had Fewest Autonomous Vehicle Disengagements in Calif.

In its newly released series of 2018 disengagement reports, the California Department of Motor Vehicles found that Waymo had the fewest autonomous vehicle disengagements per mile last year and Apple had the most.

Goodyear, Local Motors join forces on autonomous shuttles

Allows Goodyear to study the operation and maintenance areas that need to be addressed when there is no driver at the controls.

Who Is Winning the Race to Autonomy?

“Disengagement reports” reveal how many times a human driver had to take control of a driverless car in testing in California. A few well-publicized autonomous players lagged far behind.

Tenneco Spin-Off to be Called DRiV Incorporated

DRiV Incorporated is the name of the future publicly traded aftermarket and ride performance company that will launch in the second half of this...

Q&A: NACFE Celebrates a Decade of Profiling New Technologies

Mike Roeth, executive director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, sat down and talked to HDT about what the last 10 years have been like showcasing and validating new trucking technology and what he thinks the next decade will bring.

European cities respond to growing demand for urban transport

In a relatively buoyant economy in much of the continent, improving urban transport and creating additional capacity has become a pressing concern over the last decade.

FHWA awards $10M to 7 states to test new ways to fund highways

The program’s goal is to allow states to test user-based alternatives to support the Highway Trust Fund.


Autonomous-Truck Developer TuSimple Raises $95 Million in Fundraising Drive

Autonomous trucking technology developer TuSimple has raised a whopping $95 million in Series D funding investments, fueling the company’s quest to develop the world’s first fully driverless truck fleet.

Subscription Services: One Size Doesn't Fit All

But can they be profitable for car rental? One operator weighs in.

INIT tool helps agencies forecast electric vehicle integration into fleet

Empowers agencies to define impacts on energy costs and personnel requirements while helping them minimize risks.

The Last Mile Is Where Brawn Meets Brains

There’s plenty of room to play in the last-mile space — the trick is learning that the consumer is king of this hill.