Next-Gen Audi A8 Will Arrive in the Fall

Audi's fourth-generation 2019 A8 luxury sedan will arrive in the fall with an array of cutting-edge driver-assisting and connectivity features including predictive suspension, revamped infotainment system with two stacked touch screens, and a laser scanner, Audi...

What One Shipper is Doing to Address the Driver Shortage

It’s hard to ignore a headline like this: “Shippers Caused the Truck Driver Shortage.”

Too Soon to Regulate Autonomous Vehicles: NHTSA

As regulators, public safety advocates and automakers grapple with how to create a federal legal framework for the deployment of autonomous vehicles, the nation's top auto safety official has said it's premature to regulate self-driving vehicles.

Continental Announces Reorganization With an Eye on Increasing Sales

Continental AG's executive board has provided an outline of a sweeping reorganization for the 147-year-old company. Continental's rubber business, which includes tires and ContiTech, will remain, though the tire division will get a new name: Tire Technologies.

Calif. Public Fleets Purchasing Solar EV Chargers

A number of public agencies in California have recently purchased the EV ARC solar-powered electric vehicle charging systems from Envision Solar.

Tesloop Sets Tesla Mileage Record

Tesloop's Model S 90D surpassed 400,000 miles since driving in 2015.

Denso Partners with Startup Group to Advance Technology Development

Along with 40 other automotive industry players, Denso has partnered with the Plug and Play Mobility Program to advance business and development in connectivity, autonomous technology, shared mobility, and electrification.

Thomas Built Buses Debuts Pedestrian Detection Prototype

When a pedestrian is detected, the system will alert the driver on an in-cabin tablet as well as through caution lights on the cross-view mirrors.

GM Fleet's 2019-MY Solutions Summit

More than 800 commercial, government, and daily rental fleet customers attended the General Motors Fleet 2019 Solutions Summit — an annual fleet preview that took place in May in Nashville, Tennessee.

Drunk Driving Still a Worse Problem Than Drugged Driving: MADD

The national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has acknowledged that drugged driving is a growing problem but said alcohol-impaired driving...

Uber Terminates 100 Self-Driving Car Operators

Uber has laid off its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh, as the company rethinks its autonomous vehicle strategy following the fatal crash in Tempe, Ariz. earlier this year, reports Quartz.

All-Electric, Driverless Logging Truck Revealed

Swedish tech start-up Einride revealed its latest product: The T-log, an autonomous, all-electric logging truck, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Uber terminates 100 self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh

The company plans to replace the jobs with about 55 “mission specialists,” who are trained in both on-road and more advanced test-track operations

Pub Perspective: For many transit agencies, the automated era is here

There is general agreement that a significant deployment of automation-related technologies will be driving at the very least within cities throughout the developed world by mid-century.

Automated Vehicle Deployments Gaining in Popularity

Many new automated vehicle deployments are for fixed-route applications with defined coverage areas, or for first/last mile deployments around a hub.

Daimler, Bosch to Pilot Autonomous Shuttle Service

The pilot project will demonstrate how mobility services such as carsharing (car2go), ride-hailing (mytaxi), and multi-modal platforms (moovel) can be intelligently connected to shape the future of mobility.

Driverless Cars: On The Road To Nowhere Soon?

A gullible media has sped up the assumption this technology will transform our lives.

A Fatal Vision of the Autonomous Vehicle Future

Naysayers insist accidents, injuries and fatalities show that autonomous vehicle research should be ended or scaled back. But history shows us a more likely path forward.