Ford Pilots Autonomous Route Simulation on Worksites

In a collaboration with DP World London Gateway, Ford’s self-driving research program explores how AVs could integrate into a fleet's business. See how in this video.

Amazon Rolls Out FleetWise

The new cloud-based data system will help automakers remotely diagnose vehicle issues to prevent recalls, improve safety, and manage related data.

Polestar Readies All-Electric SUV Model

The Polestar 3 will launch in 2022 will be made in the U.S. as the company expects to close out 2021 with global sales of 29,000 vehicles.

Past Trends Shape the Future of Work Truck Fleets

A pandemic has complicated the already challenging job of managing a vocational fleet, but changing tech and industry innovation are shaping a positive future.

7 Technology and Connectivity Predictions for 2022

Fleets need to be aware of these connected car technologies, new digital services, and latest ways to reap vehicle-related data that are coming in the near future.

How Will Autonomous Trucking Impact Carriers?

Experts from Aurora, Waymo, Daimler Trucks North America and Gatik share their vision of where autonomous technology will take trucking, and how it will impact carriers and drivers.

Nissan Unveils Ambition 2030 Vision to Empower Mobility and Beyond

With electrification at the center of its long-term strategy, Nissan plans to will deliver exciting vehicles and technologies that empower customer journeys.

Locomation: Autonomous Platooning Tech Can Cut Fuel Consumption, GHG Footprint

Locomation's Autonomous Relay Convoy system can dramatically reduce the greenhouse gas footprint, fuel consumption, and operating costs of transporting goods by truck, according to a recent report.

22 Takeaways from the Fleet Forward Conference

This year’s agenda had a heavy focus on electrification, but also on the growth of autonomous transportation, the transformation of the automotive supply chain, using predictive analytics to drive efficiencies in maintenance, and how to harness data for multiple...

Global News Roundup: Volvo Gets Record Electric-Truck Order

ICYMI: A roundup of global trucking industry news from Volvo, DFDS, Mercedes, Traton, WeRide, Hyzon and Tevva.

Q&A: Torc CEO Talks Autonomous-Truck Development

"This idea that we’re just going to keep adding sensor after sensor to these trucks without eventually reinventing the chassis from the ground up doesn’t make any sense." Find out why in this HDT interview with Torc Robotics CEO Michael Fleming about...

Meet HDT's 2021 Top Green Fleets

Read how 30 trucking operations in the U.S. are leading the way in sustainability.

Geely Auto Group Unveils Smart Geely 2025 Strategy

The plan hopes to boost Geely Auto Group Sales to over 3.6 million units, outlines an electrical and sustainable future, and teases BEV, HEV, and long-range PHEV models with ranges up to 200 km. The plan also hopes to reduce total emissions by 25% by 2025 and...

Podcast: Is the Real World Ready for Driverless Trucks?

On the HDT Talks Trucking podcast, we talk to one safety expert who believes major challenges must be addressed before driverless trucks will be ready and accepted by the public for widespread use.

JTA Awarded $1.72 Million RAISE Grant for Ultimate Urban Circulator Program

The RAISE grant will help the JTA advance planning, environmental, and preliminary project development activities.

Musical Chairs Ending at FMCSA [Commentary]

For those keeping score, Meera Joshi is the third acting chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration since President Trump’s appointee Ray Martinez stepped down two years ago.

Steve Hornyak Details BrightDrop’s Fleet Plans

Hornyak discusses the company’s production timelines, the decision to produce a high-range EV first, and the transition from a vehicle manufacturer to a holistic platform and a services network that optimizes the last mile.

Locomation Releases Environmental Impact Report

According to their evaluation, the ARC system was the most cost-effective means to reduce emissions, lower operating costs, and does not require a price on carbon to be economically viable.