Apple Steps Back Autonomous EV Launch Date

Apple Inc. has postponed the launch date for its self-driving electric vehicle to 2026, reports people with knowledge of the matter.

What Does the New Normal Look Like for Car Rental?

Market conditions are pointing to a return to some semblance of normal in 2023. Don’t let it get you complacent.

DIU, U.S. Army Partner on Software Prototypes for Ground Autonomy

The two-year Defense Innovation Unit contract is to help automate future ground vehicles conducting high-risk missions such as reconnaissance and surveillance.

75% of Gen Z View Their Vehicle as a Third Space

Safety, comfort, and radio/audio rank highest as vehicle third space design priorities.

TuSimple, Navistar End Autonomous Truck Partnership

TuSimple and Navistar have announced an end to their nearly two-and-a-half-year partnership intended to co-develop autonomous semi-trucks for production by 2024.

Uber Freight Expands Autonomous Truck Pilot with Aurora for Peak Season

Uber Freight and Aurora are “deepening” their autonomous-truck pilot with a new 600-mile lane between Dallas/Fort Worth and El Paso.

FFC22: Fleet Electrification Moves from Concept to Reality

The undertaking of fleet electrification is bigger than anyone thought just five years ago. But the fleet community that gathered in Santa Clara is up to the challenge.

3 Things I Learned About Trucking Tech in 2022

Change is coming to trucking. But it might not be as disruptive as you think. Senior Contributing Editor Jack Roberts shares what he learned in 2022 in his Truck Tech blog.

MADD and Waymo Team Up to Combat Drunk Driving During Holidays

Historic data shows that more people die on U.S. roadways on holidays than on non-holidays.

Autonomous-Truck Startup Unveils AI-First Waabi Driver

Waabi says its approach is different from other companies with its focus on artificial intelligence. The Waabi Driver uses an "AI-first autonomy...

Enterprise Fleet Leases 100 Chevy Bolts to Domino's Pizza

Enterprise will also provide Domino's with fleet management services including telematics and maintenance.

Purdue University Builds Prototype to Serve People with Disabilities

The researchers call the prototype EASI RIDER, which stands for “Efficient, Accessible and Safe Interaction in a Real Integrated Design Environment for Riders with disabilities.”

Q&A: Navistar Moving into the Passing Lane

Navistar is back on the offensive. We talked to Göran Nyberg on where the company stands with electrification, autonomous technology, the integration with new parent Traton, and more.

NSTA: Remaining "Stronger Together" Despite Shared Challenges

These common characteristics inspired me to choose student transportation as my vocation, and the theme of my remarks centered on the fact that industry has been and will continue to be “stronger together." For me, this phrase is not just a catchy slogan, I truly...

TuSimple Brings Back Cheng Lu as CEO

Autonomous-truck company TuSimple is bringing back Cheng Lu, previous CEO, in an attempt to put the troubled company back on track.

Ford Motors and GM Race to Capture EV Market

The automakers take two very different approaches to EV production but with many of the same goals in mind.

Ryder, Aurora Partner for Autonomous-Truck Maintenance

Ryder technicians will be embedded in Aurora’s terminal in South Dallas to keep the autonomous trucks on the road.

Kodiak Robotics Demonstrates Tire Blowout on Self-Driving Truck

Steer tire blowouts instantly cause trucks to behave erratically and unpredictably. Kodiak said its self-driving trucks can instantly react to the change in vehicle dynamics.