Down the Road: Executive Predictions for 2022

Fair Technologies CEO predicts how the automotive industry will change in 2022.

TuSimple, Developer Building Autonomous-Truck Terminal

TuSimple is looking beyond autonomous truck technology and working on how commercial facilities need to be adapted for self-driving trucks.

Autonomous Shuttle Bus Trial Started in Freezing Cold Weather

Sensible 4's self-driving shuttle bus service received positive feedback from testing group.

Geely Debuts the Emgrand L Sedan

The latest model of Geely’s best-selling range arrives with a new design and specification.

The Data Miner's Song

The trucking industry is full of smart people with access to massive amounts of digital data on nearly everything. Which begs the question: How is it that the industry can’t seem to predict multi-year supply chain disruptions or component and asset shortages?

Nation’s Top Safety Investigator Calls Out DOT for Misleading Crash Stat

Safety advocates refute that 94% of serious crashes are due to human error.

IIHS Releases Rating Program for Vehicles with Partial Automation

The new rating system requires safeguards that help drivers stay focused and not treat systems, such as Tesla's Autopilot and Volvo's Pilot Assist, as self-driving cars.

Autonomous Vehicle Development to be Stalled by Technological and Regulatory Barriers

Global Data predicts that focus will shift onto ‘lower-level’ AVs that require greater human supervision, while merger & acquisition (M&A) activity will continue to be driven by transport technology such as robotaxis.

IIHS Creates Safeguard Ratings for Partial Automation

The precise timing of the first set of ratings is uncertain because ongoing supply chain woes in the auto industry have made it more difficult to obtain vehicles for testing.

Logistics Providers Invest Millions in Remote Forklift Tech

ArcBest and NFI invested $42 million into Phantom Auto’s remote operation software for logistics vehicles, and announced orders for thousands of...

Volvo to Debut Autonomous Ride Pilot in California

Volvo Cars will introduce its unsupervised autonomous driving feature, Ride Pilot, to customers in the state of California first.

Local Motors Reportedly Plans Shut Down

The company, known for its autonomous shuttle called Olli, looks to be closing according to unofficial reports.

J.B. Hunt Preps to Complete Fully Autonomous Transport in Texas

J.B. Hunt and Waymo Via have expanded their collaboration and pilot of Waymo’s autonomous Class 8 trucking unit powered by the Waymo Driver.

Logistics in 2022: Technology Further Rides to the Rescue

What are supply-chain and logistics experts predicting for 2022? A lot of it involves technology.

Nuro Introduces Third-Generation Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Nuro's new autonomous delivery vehicle improves on past designs, including a custom external pedestrian airbag across the front of the bot.

Crossing the Threshold—Electric Crossovers & SUVs: 2022 & Beyond

The electric crossover and SUV revolution is here, and from old/new entries like the Chevrolet Bolt EUV to the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQB, the crossovers are poised to add speed, panache, and even some towing capacity to America’s roads.

California Now Allows State Fleet Purchases from GM

GM is accelerating the rollout of zero-emission vehicles, consistent with California’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Embark to Develop Autonomous Truck Tech to Navigate Snow

Embark Trucks will develop and deploy technology that would allow trucks equipped with Embark’s autonomous technology to navigate in snowy conditions by the end of winter 2022.