12 Trucking Takeaways from 2019

As we head into 2020, HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge shares her top takeaways from 2019 on the trends affecting trucking.


Trucking Technology: 2019 in the Rear-View Mirror

2019 wasn't so much a year of earth-shattering headlines on the trucking technology front, as it was a year of consolidating gains and making solid business cases for new ways of moving goods. Commentary by HDT Senior Editor Jack Roberts.


FAA Rule Would Require Digital Identification of Commercial Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a proposal that requires the identification of unmanned aircraft systems by implementing a remote ID system. This rule would help identify unauthorized drones.


HDT's 2019 Test Drives in Review

Our editors get to climb behind the wheel of some truly fascinating pieces of equipment. Here's a look back at 2019's test drives.


2020 will see cities develop advanced urban strategies, report says

The concepts of digital twins, urban modeling, resilience, circularity, smart urban spaces, and electric micro-mobility and microtransit...


California Approves Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

The state's Department of Motor Vehicles will start approving permits in January for commercial use of autonomous delivery vehicles under 10,001 pounds on public roads.


NHTSA, GM Discuss Self-Driving Vehicles Without Steering Wheels

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently met with General Motors to talk about its petition to deploy self-driving vehicles without steering wheels or other human controls.


BMW Updates 7-Series With Plug-In Hybrid For 2020

The new sedan will include extensive improvements in design, technology, and powertrain for the sixth generation.


Cruise CEO Urges an End to Single Occupancy Car Use

Currently, more than three in four people drive to work in single occupant vehicles, as has been for the past 20 years.


Emerging Jobs Report: What Happened to Blockchain?

According to LinkedIn, the No. 1 emerging job in 2018 didn’t even make the list this year. In the automotive sector, robotics engineers, data...


Canadian City Deploys Self-Driving Snowplow Robot

The City of Grand Prairie in Alberta, Canada, will be the first Canadian city to test out the RT-1000, an automated snow clearing and ice control robot.


Mining Industry to Lose Dominance as Demand for Automated Trucks Evolves

The global automated truck market is projected to reach a valuation of $2 billion by 2027, research finds, expanding at a CAGR of approximately 55% during the forecast period.


Stay Out of My Lane

Let’s get a framework in place and a legislative plan that allows us to develop autonomous vehicle technologies without putting lives at risk in the short term.


This Was the Top Fleet News of 2019

Updates about new pickup trucks, safety tips, and fleet manager salaries ranked among the topics readers were most interested in among the news items posted to AutomotiveFleet.com during 2019.


Drivers Have Big Expectations for EV/Autonomous Cars, Says Hankook

Seventy-two percent of drivers who responded to a recent Hankook Tire America Corp. survey believe autonomous or electric vehicle technology will be the "most widely used" automotive innovation 10 years from now.


Volvo Selling UD Trucks Business to Isuzu

Another consolidation among global truck makers is in the works: Sweden’s Volvo Group is selling its Japan-based UD Trucks business to Isuzu Motors.


Bridgestone to Demonstrate Airless Tire, Proactive Technology

Bridgestone Corp. will showcase an airless tire concept and other mobility solutions during next month’s Consumer Electronics Show.


TuSimple Study Finds 10% Fuel Savings for Autonomous Trucks

Autonomous truck developer TuSimple said the results of a recent fuel economy study proved that trucks under autonomous control get up to 10% better fuel economy than similarly equipped trucks operating with human drivers.