Volvo Sells 75% Connected Car Unit to Volkswagen

Volvo has sold off 75% of its connected car unit to Volkswagen, allowing the Swedish luxury brand to focus on its commercial vehicles, reports Reuters.

NHTSA Streamlines Autonomous Vehicle Review

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has cut one of its requirements in an effort to accelerate the review process for the deployment of autonomous vehicles without devices like brakes and steering wheels.

20 transit oriented development projects awarded FTA funds

Recipients include the Chicago Transit Authority, The Ride, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, and IndyGo.

Chinese Telematics Provider Receives $320M Funding

A Chinese commercial telematics service provider, G7, secured $320 million in funds toward the development of integrated fleet management solutions and services.

Has Uber's Cutthroat Culture Really Changed?

A new scandal over the TNC's self-driving cars suggests a reckless competitive streak still defines the company’s DNA.

10 Things You Don't Need to Worry About in 2019

Change is coming fast and furious to the fleet market. Staying on top of all the new trends and technology is a full time job for most fleet managers.

What the Wright Brothers and Huffman's Prairie Can Tell us About Truck Technology in 2018

2018 saw a host of old and new trucking suppliers putting the final touches on a host of amazing new technologies. If the past is any indication, that period of refinement is set to end, and the deployment of these new technologies is imminent, says Senior Editor...

Ford Motor Co. alum joins Keolis team

Rahul Kumar was appointed as the new executive VP of Market Development and Innovation.

Future Fleet Management Trends

Much of the future of fleet management hinges on the ongoing changes that are occurring in the automotive industry.

6 Forecasts: Future of Accident Management

The future of fleet is a fickle thing, constantly changing with new devel-opments and technologies. The future of accident management is especial-ly...

As U.S. Car Rental Revenues Hit a New Record, What Lies Ahead?

While the U.S. car rental market hit a new revenue record of $30 billion in 2018, there are a few items on the industry’s “to-do list” to best position itself for the future of transportation.

8 Auto Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Autotrader has announced the Best New Automotive Technology for 2019, a list that skews toward advanced safety systems and smartphone connectivity.

Auto Rental News' Top 10 Articles of 2018

The most popular story details Sixt's continued expansion in the U.S.

Honda Unveils Autonomous Off-Road Vehicle Prototype

The Autonomous Work Vehicle is based on Honda's all-terrain vehicle (ATV) chassis, and designed for a variety of applications.

Autonomous Trucks Could Radically Transform U.S. Logistics Within a Decade

A new report from a global logistics think tank predicts that autonomous trucks could cause massive disruption and upheaval by 2027.

SAE International Clarifies Levels of Driving Automation

SAE International has updated its chart outlining the six levels of automation for the vehicle industry to make it simpler to understand for consumers.

Nearly 80% of commuters see public transit as backbone of mobility

APTA report is based on the results of a qualitative focus group and a quantitative nationwide survey with a strong focus on millennials.

RTC, City of Las Vegas land $5M grant for autonomous vehicle project

GoMed, slated to begin service late next year, will demonstrate the ability to apply automated technology in a complex urban setting.