Amazon in Talks to Buy Autonomous Startup Zoox

As the nation’s largest retailer, Amazon is positioning itself to build its own logistics network.

Jag Times Out

This bulletin applies to 2020 Jaguar XF, F-Pace, I-Pace and XE models. When the EPB (emergency park brake) is applied, it may not release. The EPB applied light is not on. The ABS, DSC (dynamic stability control) and brake warning lights are on. The “Autonomous...

How Will Waymo Monetize Autonomy?

The largest windfalls from autonomous services won’t come from making driverless cars or advertising in them. Look instead to what Google does best when disrupting and democratizing technology.

Q&A: Starsky's Seltz-Axmacher on Autonomous Trucks

Starsky Robotics had to give up on its goal of truly driverless trucks earlier this year after failing to secure additional needed funding. HDT Equipment Editor Jim Park recently spoke to founder Stefan Seltz-Axmacher about what happened and why true self-driving...

Dig Deeper: Artificial Intelligence and Trucking

In our May 2020 issue, we shared five ways artificial intelligence can help trucking. Here are additional insights for those who want a deeper dive.

5 Ways AI Can Help Trucking

What is artificial intelligence, and how can you use it in your fleet?

What Artificial Intelligence is Good at – And What it's Not

There are some tasks that artificial intelligence is really good at – and some that it’s not. And that has implications for the use of AI in trucking, from chatbots to autonomous trucks.

GM’s Ultra Cruise Takes on Tesla’s Autopilot

General Motors is updating its semi-autonomous driving system to function not only on highways but also on city streets.

Daimler, Volvo Venture a Breakthrough for Hydrogen Trucks

Rolf Lockwood thinks a significant corner has been turned in the quest to bring hydrogen to the highway in heavy trucks. Read more in his Locking it In blog.

GreenPower Launches EV Star CC for Cargo and Delivery Market

The EV Star CC is a purpose-built, battery-electric, multi-utility cab and chassis that can be used by cargo and delivery companies that wish to use...

Locomation, Transportation Research Center Form Research Partnership

Locomation will test at the Transportation Research Center to advance its autonomous truck-platooning platforms alongside TRC’s research and development team.

Can Tires Enhance Precision Agriculture? Yes, and Here’s Why

How do you define precision agriculture, how do tires interact with precision applications and what is the impact on tire usage, buying criteria and future product development?

OTR Conference: AI, Tire/Equipment Connectivity and More Will Impact Dealers

OTR tire dealers should start planning for the future now, Bruce Besancon, vice president of OTR tire sales for Yokohama Tire Corp., said during the keynote presentation at the recent Tire Industry Association Off-the-Road Tire Conference.

Hot Takes: Understanding CARB’s Commercial EV Moonshot

CARB’s new targets may be unrealistic, but will they propel the electrification market? Also: Tesla releases Autopilot crash data; autonomous start up attacks the middle mile.

How Safe Are Teslas with Autopilot Activated?

Tesla has released internal data showing the number of crashes its electric cars in the U.S. have incurred with Autopilot engaged compared to the national average of automobile crashes.

How 7 Drivers Are Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic [Podcast]

While we're cooped up at home wishing we could get out, going home isn't an option for many drivers. In a new two-part HDT Talks Trucking Special Report, host Jim Park introduces you to seven drivers who live on the front line of the battle with COVID-19.

Refuse Truck Trends to Watch

Just as passenger vehicles are becoming safer and more connected, so too are refuse trucks. But these complex fleet assets are also setting some of their own trends specific to their specialized function.

Gatik’s Autonomous Box Truck Serves the Middle Mile

The autonomous vehicle is intended for fixed, repeatable routes between distribution centers and stores, which reduces autonomous travel’s problematic “edge cases.”