2018 Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets Survey

As ridership is decreasing nationwide, many agencies are concentrating on developing a multimodal approach to better tie in first, last-mile options with bus services serving as the backbone.


3 Lessons from Transit in Switzerland

I recently traveled to Switzerland to see the world’s first autonomous shuttle in operation on regular fixed-route public transportation in mixed traffic and came home with three lessons.


Trucking's Future Was on Display at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show

Truck shows are always a good place to spot emerging trends and the vibrant IAA Commercial Vehicles show revealed two big ones this year.


GMs discuss impact of first-, last-mile solutions

We asked top transit officials which mobility option (microtransit, autonomous vehicles or bike-share) do you feel could have the most impact at your agency?


Transit Industry Survey Finds Customer Experience is Vital

Transdev is sharing results of a recently completed survey to help the entire industry understand how the goals and vision of transit agencies are evolving across the country.


Fleet Safety Conference Session on Vehicle Tech Brings Together Agencies and Attendees

At this year’s Fleet Safety Conference, which has moved to Las Vegas, representatives from the FMCSA, the NTSB, and vehicle testing consultants AMCI Global will discuss the current and upcoming vehicle safety technologies and how they could reduce fatal and...


Start Forming Your Mobility Strategy Now

When we’re in the middle of a hype maelstrom, it’s hard to separate the fads from the revolutions. Fleets don’t need to be first adopters, but those forming their strategies now will able to take advantage of the truly transformative solutions.


Mercedes-Benz Shows Autonomous Van Concept for Freight, Passengers

Mercedes-Benz Vans showcased a concept of an autonomous, all-electric van in two variants, one for freight and one for passengers.


Daimler's Daum: Platooning May Not be the Holy Grail

At the HDMA Breakfast at the IAA Show in Hannover, Germany, the head of Daimler’s Truck and Bus business division noted that not all new technologies ultimately pan out. And truck platooning may be one of them.


Passport invests $5M to build platform to manage ride-share, more

Will expand the Passport Platform, which helps connect multiple modes of transportation and payments.


Volkswagen Shows Autonomous Electric Cargo Van Concept

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has unveiled a concept battery-electric commercial transporter van designed for commercial fleets that includes an autonomous driving mode.


Q&A: What Uber Freight Can Do for Small Fleets and Shippers

Since launching Uber Freight, Uber has seen controversies and lawsuits, increasing competition, and shut down its automated trucking division. We spoke with Eric Berdinis, senior product manager for Uber Freight, about the company’s progress.


Dana Showcases Global Electrification Portfolio

Dana Incorporated revealed its comprehensive Spicer Electrified with TM4 portfolio that includes fully integrated electro-mechanical propulsion systems such as gearboxes, electric motors, inverters, and thermal-management technologies.


Transportation workers form coalition to stop driverless buses in Ohio

If transportation authorities introduce autonomous vehicles or wages start to fall, the union will organize a strike, according to union chief.


See Another Side of the Bus Business

The pupil transportation community is primarily concerned with school buses. But there are circumstances when non-yellow buses come into play in the transportation of students.


Does Automation Mean Mass Unemployment in Mass Transportation?

From telemarketers to fast food workers, automation can either eliminate or bolster a workforce.


Women in Transportation: Kimberly Williams

A look at the career of Houston Metro's chief innovation officer.


Daimler's Daum Talks Future Trucks and Current Business at IAA Show

From electric and autonomous vehicles to whether today's current hot truck sales are really a good thing, Daimler Truck and Bus chief Martin Daum shared his insights with reporters at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover, Germany.