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Insurtech: Fleets Reap Insurance Savings, Improve Safety

In recent years, insurers have begun tapping into technology to better understand broad risk profiles of the trucking industry as well as risk associated with their insured fleets. For fleets, insurtech now can lead to reductions in insurance costs.


New Forecast on Widespread Autonomous Technology by 2033

The era of peak hype has passed, but forecasters still see long-term adoption in certain segments that benefit from today's rise in automated driving technology.


Autonomous Tech Won’t Take Over Soon

Forecast says widespread use at least a decade away.


Newsom Vetoes California Autonomous Truck Bill

California Gov. Gavin Newsome vetoed Assembly Bill 316, which would have banned driverless autonomous trucks over 10,000 pounds from California roads.


Access Technologies Support New Last Mile Delivery Growth

The latest tech to secure valuable last-mile delivery vehicles and storage infrastructure.


Is Automotive Ready for AI?

Vast potential exists for the technology in automotive. The time is now for car makers, insurers and repair operations to prepare for it.


Waabi, Uber Freight Team up for Autonomous-Truck Deployment Model

Over the next 10 years, Uber Freight and Waabi intend to deploy billions of miles of Waabi Driver capacity on the Uber Freight network, with the first commercial route now live in Texas.


May Mobility, Via Team to Bring AVs to California

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority service aims to reduce medical appointment cancellations and absences by filling the need for convenient, accessible transportation in the region.


Why Now is the Time for Fleets to Prepare for Transformation

The last few years have been a rollercoaster for the trucking industry, with the Covid-19 pandemic sending the typical freight cycle into...


Q&A: The State of Autonomous Vehicle Development

Where is the autonomous/self-driving truck industry today? How much longer will we have to wait for Level 4 to mature? What's the holdup? HDT took these questions to autonomous-technology experts from Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics.


6 Inflation-Fighting Fuel Management Strategies

If fuel management wasn’t already a priority, inflation and subsequent steep fuel prices have pushed it to the top of the list. The latest technology aids in the ongoing effort — and even helps “fuel management” for electric vehicles.


Reimagining How Cities Can Leverage Holistic Platforms For Urban Mobility Solutions

When it comes to designing transit and transportation solutions that reduce traffic congestion and improve on-time arrival rates, we seem to have a problem. It seems we are focused on all the wrong things.


California’s Autonomous Truck Bill Passes Senate, Goes to Governor

The California State Senate this week passed AB 318, a bill that, if signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, would ban driverless autonomous trucks on the state’s roads.


Chinese Autonomous-Tech Company Shares Self-Driving Truck Data

Chinese autonomous-truck company Inceptio Technology recently shared information from studies outlining the benefits of its Level 3 self-driving truck technology.


Understanding How Connected Vehicles & Fleets Can Protect Data Privacy

As light-duty and medium-duty vehicles generate significantly more data daily, fleet managers must consider security and data precautions.


NCDOT, Beep Launch Autonomous Shuttle at UNC Charlotte

The six-month pilot project will enable NCDOT and the university’s faculty, staff, and students to research and evaluate the vehicle and service in a real-world, campus environment.


JTA Teams with FCSJ to Expand AV Testing on Campus

The announcement builds upon their collective efforts to spotlight the City of Jacksonville on the world stage of transforming mobility and accessibility, improving roadway safety, and positively impacting the environment.