Volvo Introduces Enhanced Turbo Compounding for D13 Diesel

Volvo says its next generation of turbo compounding technology will provide a 3% boost in fuel economy compared to its current 13L engine.

UPS Invests in Autonomous Truck Startup TuSimple

UPS announced it has invested in the tech startup TuSimple and will work with the company to better understand the capabilities and potential of autonomous trucks in UPS' network.

JTA, partners host AV emergency training for first responders

The training comes as the JTA prepares Downtown Jacksonville and the surrounding neighborhoods for the U2C program, anchored by autonomous vehicles.

NAFA Launches a DOT Compliance Forum

The NAFA DOT Compliance Forum, which will be held on Oct. 23, is a targeted, half-day event covering the key DOT needs.

Radials, Specialization and Technology: What’s Ahead for Small OTR Tires

Equipment rentals and equipment connectivity are playing dominant roles in the trends shaping the small OTR tire market, which Modern Tire Dealer defines as tires on 25-inch and smaller rims. “Across the board, we’re seeing continued growth in demand for 25-inch radials, not quite as robust as the previous two years, but still quite brisk,” says Shawn...

San Francisco Grants Postmates Delivery Robot Permission to Test on Sidewalks

The city’s Public Works will issue permits allowing for the semi-autonomous robots to begin testing over the next six months.

Beep Partners with Bestmile for AV Shuttle Fleet

Through this partnership, Beep will leverage the market leading technology and tools that Bestmile offers to plan, manage, and orchestrate its autonomous shuttle fleets.

More than a Quarter of Americans Won’t Ride Autonomous Vehicles

Some 44% of Americans said they would ride in a self-driving Uber vehicle today as compared with 35% who said they would never do so, according to a new survey from

Amazon Launched Last-Mile Delivery Robots in Southern California

The “cooler-sized devices” will navigate residential neighborhoods in Irvine, Calif.

Tech company taps Bestmile to plan, manage, optimize AV fleet

Beep is the first distributor for NAVYA in the U.S. and is the exclusive dealer for NAVYA in Florida.

Georgia DOT Begins V2X Pilot Program on Interstate

The Georgia Department of Transportation and non-profit The Ray are joining to test vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology using four fleet vehicles.

Sacramento Corporate Campus Debuts Autonomous Shuttle Pilot

The three-month pilot project at the White Rock Corporate Campus in Rancho Cordova will employ Olli, a 3D printed, self-driving shuttle developed by Local Motors.

New Report Encourages Cities to Consider Congestion Pricing

This road-user charge system uses a flat or variable rate fee to charge vehicles that drive in a specified area or zone within a city.

BusCon 2019 to showcase tech, mobility, and more

The show returns to the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis Sept. 23 to 25.

Autonomous Carsharing Program Launches in New Zealand

Waikato-based Loop operates a fleet of Volkswagen Golfs that cost about 15 NZD ($9.70) to rent per hour.

New report encourages cities to consider congestion pricing

This road-user charge system uses a flat or variable rate fee to charge vehicles that drive in a specified area or zone within a city.

The Challenges, Opportunities of Operating University Campus Shuttle Services

Many institutions offer bus and shuttle services to provide transportation for students and staff, and they face the same challenges of providing consistently high rider satisfaction levels that municipal transit authorities and operators do.

Loadsmart and Starsky Robotics Make First-Ever Digital Freight Delivery Via Autonomous Truck

Digitized freight developer Loadsmart and Starsky Robotics say the announcement marks the first time an autonomous company and a digital broker have collaborated to price, book and load a shipment without any human involvement.