Webinar on Making the Supply Chain Smarter & Faster

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is hosting a free webinar Dec. 19 to discuss emerging technologies, such as autonomous trucks and drone-based delivery systems.


Sustainability benefits come from sharing AV services, not tech

Improving sustainability of shared rides does not require self-driving vehicles, but rather a focus on existing technology we have today.


Diesel's Impact on Thanksgiving

Diesel technology helps us realize our agricultural bounty while the latest generation of diesel technology helps us deliver this bounty with minimal impact to our environment.


'Inadequate Safety Culture' to Blame for Uber's Automated Vehicle Crash

During a board meeting held to determine the probable cause of the March 2018 crash in Tempe, Ariz., the NTSB said an Uber Technologies Inc. division’s “inadequate safety culture” contributed to the fatal collision between an Uber automated test vehicle and a...


Vulog to Power Mocean, Hyundai’s Carsharing Venture

Mocean will launch in Los Angeles. The service is part of MoceanLab, Hyundai’s mobility service venture that will pilot multimodal transportation, autonomous ride hailing, and carsharing.


AV company Perceptin relocating to Indiana, work on pilot project

Will partner with Indiana-based LHP to develop the vehicles, which are designed to complete low-speed, short driverless trips.


Andrew Yang Wants a 'Trucking Czar' in the White House

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang said in the Democratic primary debate in Atlanta on Nov. 20 that if elected, he would appoint a "trucking czar" to oversee the transition from human drivers to autonomous vehicles.


The Last Mile: Where Brawn Meets Brains

There’s plenty of room to play in the last-mile space — the trick is to learn the consumer is king of this hill.


NTSB Wants Tighter Rules for Autonomous Vehicle Tests

The National Transportation Safety Board is urging Congress and the state of Arizona to create a review process to make it safer when autonomous vehicles are tested on public roadways.


A 5G-Enabled Tire? Pirelli Says It's Here

Pirelli & Cie SpA says it has developed the "world's first tires that interact with the 5G network."


Volkswagen Breaks Ground on Tenn. EV Production Site

The Chattanooga site will be VW's North-American hub for EV manufacturing.


EVs Cost Even More Than You Think

Mergers and alliances among factories are proliferating as the demand for mass-market electric vehicles increases and the cost to build them makes profitability impossible.


Nexen Celebrates Its ‘Outpost in North America for R&D’

Nexen Tire Corp. capped off a year of expansion projects around the globe with the grand opening of a $5 million tire technology center in northeast Ohio on Nov. 13.


Manufacturers, Ride-Hailers Develop AV Testing Guidelines

For the first time, the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium has published and released guidelines that outline best practices for the selection, training and oversight of human safety drivers for automated vehicle testing.


Hyundai Completes its First Successful Truck Platooning Trial

Hyundai Motor Company successfully conducted its first platooning test involving two commercial trucks on the Yeoju Smart Highway in South Korea, while replicating real-world conditions.


Q&A: Meritor's Villavarayan on Electrification, Air Disc Brakes

Meritor's Chris Villavarayan talks to HDT about how disruption and globalization contributed to its latest raft of new products.


Cool Planet: Operators Thrive Amid Disruption

NOV./DEC. LCT: These industry members don’t just stay ahead of the curve — they set it.


What Will Fuel Stations Look Like in the Future?

In the “Petrol Station of the Future” study, German fuel retailer Aral and the Institute for Transport Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) examined mobility trends and envisioned a plan for city fuel stations in 2040.