BMW Unveils Concept i4 All-Electric Vehicle

BMW’s Concept i4 sedan has an estimated EPA range of 270 miles.

Vehicle Technology's Role in Risk Management

While drivers are the final stop in managing risk, evolving vehicle technology has played a big role in risk management as well.

Wunder Mobility Launches Carpooling in North America

A core offering in Europe, Asia, and South America, Wunder Carpool enables companies to facilitate carpooling among their employees, helping to reduce carbon emissions, save on parking space and make commutes easier.

Few Americans Trust AVs, AAA finds

Six in 10 (57%) Americans say they would like to have a clear understanding of who will be legally responsible in the event of a crash with a self-driving vehicle.

Uber Self-Driving Cars Back Testing In San Francisco

The TNC's driverless vehicle is making a reappearance on public roads.

Only 12% of drivers would feel safe in driverless car, report says

72% of U.S. adults would feel safer riding in a self-driving car if they had the ability to take over control if something goes wrong.

Volkswagen’s 2021 Atlas Starts at $31,545

The 2021 Volkswagen midsize SUV will start at an MSRP of $31,545, and will be available with two power trains, a 276-hp V6 and a 235-hp four-cylinder turbocharged engine, with the 2.0T and 4Motion pairing new for 2021.

The Mega-Trends That Will Define Your Service

How sweeping changes in fleets, regulations, technology, and pricing will transform ground transportation.

Americans Still Skeptical of Self-Driving Cars

While 12% of consumers say they would trust traveling in a self-driving car, 28% say they are unsure of how they feel about the matter.

U.S. Legislation Update Returning to 2020 NAFA I&E

This year, at the 2020 NAFA I&E, NAFA’s longtime U.S. legislative counsel, Patrick O’Connor will provide fleet managers with his annual look at what is happening in the U.S. capital.

Locomation Autonomous Convoys Go to Work with Wilson Logistics

Locomation’s autonomous convoy technology will begin work on Wilson Logistics’ existing freight routes to drive gains in asset utilization, sustainability, safety, and driver performance.

NHTSA Suspends Columbus Autonomous Vehicle Pilot

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suspended passenger service for all U.S.-based EasyMile shuttles, including a pilot with the City of Columbus, Ohio.

Subscription service looks to provide 'last mile' links in Sacramento

Go360 uses all electric vehicles in a first- and last-mile pooled model to provide consumers a better and faster way to travel.

New Volvo Truck Range Focused on Drivers

After introducing electric and autonomous truck developments in 2019, Sweden's Volvo Trucks has unveiled four new truck models at once, squarely focused on the driver and productivity, meeting sustainability goals with more fuel-efficient internal combustion...

TuSimple Expands UPS Autonomous Routes

TuSimple has expanded autonomous truck service for current customer UPS to 20 trips per week and has added an additional route between Phoenix, Arizona, and El Paso, Texas.

General Motors’ New EV Platform Will Support Fleet Vehicles

General Motors will be utilizing a new flexible, global EV platform to support future products, including fleet vehicles, which will powered by new Ultium proprietary batteries that will offer energy options ranging from 50 to 200 kWh.

Morgan Olson Reveals Class 2 Gasoline or Electric Step-Van Prototype

Morgan Olson revealed step-van prototypes at the Work Truck Show. One is gasoline-powered, while the other makes use of a BMWi EV electric powertrain, which Morgan Olson said powers over 65,000 vehicles in Europe and is being readied for the North American market.

Where Are We With Self-Driving Cars In 2020?

2018 and 2019 were reality checks for driverless technology.