First Transit names first VP, technology and innovation

Robert James will be responsible for combining technology, innovation, and leading the strategic vision for the organization’s mobility solutions.

To Understand Trucking Disruption, Look to the Money on the Table

Why so much change in trucking? Why now? The answer is simple: There is a massive amount of money to be made.

Governors Highway Safety Assn. Gives AV Recommendations

Autonomous vehicle developers, law enforcement, and other stakeholders need to work together to maximize safety, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Imagine A Better World for Technicians

Even if we could find a way to fill every driver’s seat, our trucking industry and our nation would still be in dire straits. We need more technicians and we need them soon – but first some things have to change, says Paul Cupka with the Fairfax County Department...

FedEx Ending Ground Delivery Contract with Amazon

FedEx won’t renew its contract with Amazon for ground delivery when it expires at the end of the month, after letting its U.S. air-delivery contract with Amazon run out earlier this summer.

Q&A: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America's President

Three years have passed since ICTA named its first American president. During that time a new truck has launched and the truckmaker has continued to build on its success.

How curb data can bolster new mobility options, ease congestion

Whether you realize it or not, curbs and their regulations significantly impact citizens and businesses on a daily basis.

Kodiak Robotics Begins Autonomous Truck Deliveries in Texas

Just 16 months after it was formed, Kodiak Robotics says it is making deliveries with its autonomous truck technology.

Hot Takes: Mobility Initiatives We Could See Sooner, and Why

In this analysis of recent mobility news, we apply the “efficiencies, cost, savings, fewer tech hurdles” rule to see which new mobility models might be deployed sooner than we think.

Could Uber's Latest Earnings Figures Prove Vital?

The TNC plans to expand into food delivery and driverless cars, but will it even have the capital to do so?

MasterHaul Improves Cargo Loading and Unloading

The PowerLoader is designed it make it easier to load and unload a truck.

Affinitiv Releases Dealer eBook Focused on Industry Disruptors

Affinitiv has released ‘Razor and Razor Blade Model,’ a new whitepaper designed to offer guidance to dealers concerned about sustaining profitability while sales and front-end margins decline.

Michelin Joins Urban Freight Planning Partnership

Michelin North America has joined Seattle’s Urban Freight Lab, a public-private partnership associated with the University of Washington’s Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center.

Electrify America to Deploy Robotic Charging Facility for Self-Driving Vehicles

The pilot demonstration, in conjunction with Stable Auto, will be in San Francisco and feature a robotic solution attached to a 150kW DC fast charger.

Bobit Business Media’s Global Ground Transportation Institute Now Accepting Members

Members will have access to free webinars, training courses and educational events, marketing tools, whitepapers, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities, reduced registration at GGTI partnered events, and access to a database of more than 200,000 corporate...

SpotHero Launches Parking Solution for Fleets

SpotHero for Fleets provides hardware, software, and services to help fleets secure, access, and pay for parking at scale.

New York's CDTA to add 40-foot New Flyer battery-electric buses

The company's Infrastructure Solutions™ was also selected to provide and commission four Siemens direct-current depot chargers.

Data Can Help You Manage a Safer Fleet, but it’s Not a One-Stop Solution

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid innovation, with exciting advances being made into technologies that we once thought either not achievable in our lifetime or just downright impossible.