Imagining a Completely Driverless Truck

A truck designed from the ground up with only minimal considerations for human passengers would be a radically different vehicle from the ones on the road today.

Europcar Taps AI Start-up for Mobility Solutions

With these first pilot projects, Europcar Mobility Group is strengthening its entry into the digital age with Tchek as part of its 2023 strategic roadmap and its "mobility service company" mission.

Smart Trailers Face a Huge Hurdle

Find out why the challenge of building a backward-compatible smart trailer with future-proof connectivity will be one of the industry’s greatest challenges.

Autonomous Truck Developer Ike Acquired by Nuro

Nuro, an autonomous technology company that specializes in small-item, urban deliveries, has acquired autonomous truck development company Ike.

Trends in Class 8

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped heavy-duty truck makers from setting their sights on driver assistance, electrification, and autonomy.

Skyfire Increases Officer, Community Safety Through Drone Program

Drone as First Responder programs aim to decrease response times, provide situational awareness, and increase efficiency.

HDT's Newsmaker of the Year: COVID-19 Pandemic

HDT's editors reflect on what event, person, trend, or company was in our headlines the most and had the greatest impact on our fleet readers this year.

Cruise Tests Fully Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco

This marks the first deployment of an autonomous vehicle in the U.S. without a driver behind the wheel.

GreenPower Delivers First AV to Florida's JTA

The JTA is currently working with local colleges, medical campuses, and other partners to create the nation’s first public transportation network powered by autonomous vehicles.

Gatik to Remove Safety Driver from Walmart’s AV Service

Gatik and Walmart are undertaking the first-ever truly driverless operation for the supply chain’s middle mile, according to Gatik.

Knorr-Bremse Leaders Talk About the Path to Future Trucks

Where does Knorr-Bremse, the parent company of Bendix, fit in on the path to future trucks, as trends drive further toward advanced safety systems, electrified vehicles, and autonomous technology?

Talking Trucking and Highway Safety with NTSB Expert Rob Molloy

Ever wonder exactly what happens when the National Transportation Safety Board gets called in to investigate a truck crash? To find out, HDT Talks Trucking called up Rob Molloy, director of the Office of Highway Safety at NTSB.

Fleet Managers Struggle to Cope with Data Overload

The proliferation of telematics, the trend to universal vehicle connectivity, fleet’s interconnection with the Internet of Things, and the emergence of smart cities will create a real-time avalanche of actionable fleet-related data.

Zoox Previews Future of Robotaxi Design

The robotaxi features face-to-face symmetrical seating that eliminates the steering wheel and can change directions without the need to reverse.

ZF: What Wabco Deal Means for Next-Generation Mobility

ZF says its acquisition of Wabco will create “a leading global integrated systems provider for commercial vehicle technology.” But what does that mean for North American fleets? Find out in this interview with HDT.

Beep’s First Responder Training Integral to AV Deployment

First responders serving Port Saint Lucie, Fla. recently attended training on how to immobilize autonomous vehicles, identify and disable onboard batteries, and access AV passengers.

AVSC Publishes Guide for Automated Vehicle Interactions with First Responders

The guide provides recommended procedures and protocols for Automated Driving System (ADS) developers to follow in order to facilitate safe and effective first responder interactions for a multitude of scenarios.

Florida First Responders Prepare for Autonomous Vehicle Launch

Port St. Lucie-area first responders, fire fighters, and law enforcement officials are better prepared for dealing with self-driving shuttles after completing hands-on training hosted by Mattamy Homes and Beep.